Gree Energy Limited has developed a project, which involves the implementation of an anaerobic wastewater treatment facility and a biogas power plant at the Hamparan Bumi Mas Abadi (“HBMA”) cassava starch mill factory in Lampung, Indonesia. The factory is a producer of tapioca starch from cassava roots.

Therefore, Gree Energy Limited is writing to formally inform that the generated Verified Carbon Unit (VCUs) within our project will not be counted, used, or credited under any other programs, GHG-related environmental credit system and Emissions Trading Programs to maintain environmental integrity. Unless required by law, regulation or any governmental authority, the project will not be registered to any registry and in such case requirements of the VERRA & national standard will be followed to avoid double counting of issued carbon credits.

Carbon credits may be issued through Verified Carbon Standard project id: 3297 for the greenhouse gas emission reductions or removals associated with Gree Energy Limited, Hamparan biogas project.