Decarbonizing at scale.

Transforming food industry waste into biogas for clean energy, carbon credits and natural fertilizers.

We fight climate change by scaling profitable biogas solutions that transform food industry waste into valuable resources for people and the planet.

Explore our active projects across Southeast Asia:
Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA


The project is a partnership with Bumitama Group, a palm oil company listed in Singapore. The mill has been operational since 2009, employing almost 4,000 workers. There are 10 smallholder groups that supply fresh fruit bunch to the mill. The Problem The problems faced by...
Lampung, Indonesia


To extract the cassava flour – a key ingredient in Indonesian cuisine – from the roots, the Hamparan cassava starch factory generates a water pollution of 400,000 population-equivalent which, in its turn, emits massive fugitive methane emissions.

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