Jakarta, 8 October 2023 – Gree Energy, a prominent biogas developer in Indonesia, partners with Prodeval, the global leader in biomethane engineering with 30 years of experience globally. 

This strategic collaboration aims to unleash Indonesia’s potential of 30 TWh per year in renewable gas production by converting food industry waste into biogas and biomethane. Gree Energy and Prodeval are set to decarbonize the agriculture and food industry on a large scale, positioning Indonesia as a global leader in green fuel solutions.

Combining the expertise of Gree Energy and Prodeval, this partnership presents a unique one-stop solution for biomethane. By integrating world-class technology and services across the entire biogas value chain, the collaboration streamlines project execution. Gree Energy provides customized solutions for biogas projects, from feasibility studies to construction to green financing and now biogas upgrading technologies. Gree is uniquely positioned to provide a full suite of integrated services, providing ease for all biogas needs. 

Prodeval’s state-of-the-art biogas upgrading technologies lies at the heart of this partnership. Prodeval has more than 30 years experience in biomethane engineering in Europe and in the US. They have built 332 biogas upgrading units from 2017 to 2022 and have a delivery capacity of 125 biogas upgrading units per year. They offer a wide range of technology solutions, ranging from 3-stages membrane biogas upgrading to food grade liquid CO2. 

Prodeval’s reliable membrane upgrading technology ensures a biomethane recovery rate of over 99%, with an efficiency exceeding 99.5%. Operations are fully automated for a unique ease, at a low cost, and to optimize the plant’s performance. The reliability of the solutions are unmatched with continuous improvements over eight years and a reliable remote operation monitoring and a technical support hotline. Moreover, the technology’s remarkably low operational costs present clients with a financially viable solution.

By combining proven European technology with local integration services, Gree Energy and Prodeval deliver the most cost-effective solutions, whilst reducing the complexity and risk for biogas project developers.


Indonesia has the capacity to generate an annual 30 TWh of renewable gas by transforming its food industry waste into biomethane.

This partnership between Gree Energy and Prodeval is instrumental in turning this potential into a reality, paving the way for widespread decarbonization efforts across the country. By tapping into proven technologies, carbon credit revenues, green finance, and clean energy markets, Gree Energy makes biogas solutions financially viable.

“This partnership will bring the highest level of quality achievable in biomethane engineering at a competitive price, in Indonesia. This paves the way towards a large-scale deployment of biomethane solutions,” said Nicolas Stirer, Gree Energy CEO.

The partnership between Gree Energy and Prodeval will provide various industries in Indonesia with access to advanced and reliable technologies for biogas and biomethane production to replace other non-renewable energy sources like diesel and coal. This collaboration also offers a gateway to competitive solutions and opportunities in the renewable energy and sustainable development fields. 

By combining upgraded technology, financial support, and access to carbon credit markets, Gree Energy and Prodeval are poised to drive significant progress in Indonesia’s efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future.