Biogas solutions for food processors.

Gree Energy makes biogas projects financially viable.

Discover how we enable food processors to:

Our solutions for food processors

With our deep and expansive knowledge in the biogas value chain, we source the best solutions to help you design biogas infrastructure tailored to your facilities and operations. You can choose to implement a full suite of solutions or only the ones that fit your unique needs:

Investment: We structure and finance biogas projects to minimize or eliminate your investment.

Carbon development: We secure certified emission reduction for your biogas projects. We sell high quality carbon credits that direct climate-action financing to fund your biogas projects. All our projects adhere to high and internationally recognized standards.

Feasibility study: We help food processors optimize their biogas project design deployment strategy for improved energy/fuel and cost savings.

Design and Engineering: We ensure your biogas to energy solutions are engineered to high safety and reliability standards.

Construction: We manage and deliver projects, reducing the complexity and risks for you.

Operation and Maintenance Services: We supervise operation and maintenance and maintain reliable delivery of energy services after construction.

Why partner with Gree Energy?

Unrivaled biogas experience.

We are leaders in the field of developing biogas projects bringing over 50 years of combined experience. We offer unparalleled expertise to convert food waste into high quality biogas. Our expert engineers, financiers, and sustainability professionals are committed to helping you develop your biogas project.

Gree Energy food lamp
Gree Energy lamp
Gree Energy lamp
Gree Energy connect network

Access to green financing.​

Join a network of financiers, technology partners, and institutions to make your biogas solutions financially viable. Obtain access to capital to help your biogas project meet the bankability requirements of green finance.

Unlock benefits from biogas projects

  • Reduce energy cost of your food processing facility, year after year.
    We help you avoid unnecessary costs by replacing diesel and fossil fuels, improving electricity stability and setting fixed energy prices for the next 20 years. Reduce your energy usage and save more by partnering with us to develop dependable biogas solutions.
  • Achieve environmental compliance.
    We help you avoid community complaints and meet environmental and clean water compliance targets in your food facilities. This ensures that you maintain your operating license and meet your customer and shareholders requirements.

Gree Energy food monitoring
Gree Energy biogas workers
Gree Energy biogas workers
Ready to achieve regulatory compliance and avoid unnecessary energy cost?

Contact us to learn more about implementing our biogas solutions in your food processing facility today.