June 8th, 2021 – The Team of Directorate of Energy Resources, Mineral and Mining, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas conducted an official visit to GREE’s Biogas Hamparan Project, one of the largest grid-connected biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia.

The official visit was aimed to monitor GREE’s Biogas Hamparan Project. In 2025, the Government of Indonesia targets the portion of renewable energy (RE) in national primary energy mix to reach 23%, as stated in the Indonesian National Energy Plan Document. One of the government’s strategies to fulfil the target is through the development of bioenergy, specifically biogas.

Safety Induction prior entering the Hamparan biogas plant area
(Photo credit: Annisa Sabran/GREE)

According to the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), Indonesia has pledged to cut its emissions by 29-41% by 2030. The Hamparan project avoids 65.000 tonnes of CO2 per year, with a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement with PT PLN. Through reducing emission significantly, turning waste into valuable energy and treating wastewater; GREE directly contributes to SDG 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13. Additionally, GREE contributes indirectly to SDG 1, 8 and 17.

“Bappenas will continue to push for the achievement of RE targets by pushing the completion of regulations that are believed can increase RE development. The official visit aims to see and directly discuss the challenges of building and operating biogas plants. We thank GREE for helping the development of RE and we hope the pipeline of projects that is being worked on can run smoothly.”

Nizhar Marizi ST, M.Si, Ph.D

During the official visit, Bappenas, represented by Nizhar Marizi ST, M.Si, Ph.D, Bappenas’, Coordinator of Renewable Energy Development and Energy Conservation, officially handovers the RE-Pro II book to GREE, represented by Ir. Choky YF Simanjutak, MBA Country Director. The RE-Pro II book contains a list of renewable energy projects in Indonesia compiled by Bappenas in partnership with USAID-ICED II. RE-Pro II is part of Bappenas’ continuous effort in overcoming various constraints in renewable energy development which contains renewable projects from independent power producers.

Official Handover of RE-Pro II book from Bappenas (Left: Ir. Choky YF Simanjutak, MBA, GREE Country Director, Right: Nizhar Marizi ST, M.Si, Ph.D, Bappenas’ Coordinator of Renewable Energy Development and Energy Conservation)
(Photo credit: Annisa Sabran/GREE)


We are delighted with Bappenas’ visit today to our biogas power plant in regards to Bappenas’ support to Renewable Energy Projects (RE-Pro) in Indonesia. As one of the key players in biogas to energy industry – in conjunction with combating climate change, we have shared some insights, opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions to Bappenas. We believe this visit plus a thorough discussion with the Think Tank of the Indonesian Government will expedite the renewable energy overall deployment in Indonesia, which finally benefits the Indonesian people and country. Thank you and congratulations to all Bappenas team for taking the lead.” 

Ir. Choky YF Simanjutak, MBA, GREE Country Director

As the result of the visit, the Bappenas team is able to understand the experience on field and have a better knowledge on how the technology works, the challenges during development and operation as well as the various future opportunities in the biogas industry. The visit allowed Bappenas and GREE to discuss the government’s role to develop the renewable energy industry, combat climate change and strengthen the relationship between the government and the private sector.

Gree Energy hamparan assets

Bappenas Official Visit to GREE’s Biogas Hamparan Project
(Photo credit: Annisa Sabran/GREE)